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Lair of the Webwyrm

31st August, 2011. 8:32 am. More Irene kvetching

Well, parts of Milford are pretty much left to their own devices now. People are putting up handmade signs warning drivers and pedestrians of unsafe dangling wires over streets, since the utility companies have better things to do. Oh, and the out-of-state workers hired to help out? One of the guys at the plant saw a dozen out-of-state trucks working on one pole. One. I can understand three, maybe. There are specialized workers doing this. Twelve? They're milking this opportunity for as long as they can. While a wastewater plant runs on generators for three days, while intersections entering/exiting I-95 have stop signs on stands to control traffic, while our food spoils, while people start losing patience with each other.
But hey, no reason to spend $ to improve our electrical grid- we're really digging this Third World groove!

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7th April, 2011. 1:08 am. Quick update on the whole career thing

Hi everyone,
As many of you know, I've been taking courses in the Wastewater program at Gateway. I did an internship at a local WW plant over winter break, and am taking the second half of an analytical chem course this semester.
Well, there's been a retirement and a job opening; tomorrow (oops, later) I take an exam with the other applicants. Were this say, a general biology exam, I could stroll in with a swagger, as if asking, "which o' you bitches is hoping for second place?". But it's largely chemistry, so attitude? Not so much. At least working FT in a plant for a solid month should give me an edge in the WW bits.

Anyway, if you have any inclinations for such things, wish me luck, send prayers, sacrifice small animals- I'm not picky at this point!- Thursday afternoon (today) around 2-4 PM, when I hope to, as the nice fellow who preps my teaching labs said,"crush the exam"...
This is the best shot at a real job I've had in years- literally. Yes, there's icky bits to running a wastewater lab, but I'll do them with a smile on my face to make a decent living again.

Sorry I've been incommunicado; doing the aforementioned things & teaching an upper-level biology class has kept me from most social behavior beyond occasional twitter comments. I hope everyone is well and happy- and that I'll see some of you (New England-based) folks soon!

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15th November, 2010. 8:12 pm. Political venting... Progressive frustration already in progress...

Why are the Dems starting from a position of defeat in these tax "negotiations"? They need to look up the word "compromise"- it does NOT mean "utterly cave before discussion even begins"!
If they blow the lame duck session, I will start formally regretting the time, effort, and scarce $ I expended in '08 to help Dems get the majority. They have repeatedly refused to use that majority to get things done- unlike them, I won't make my earlier mistakes again...

And hi, everyone I haven't seen in ages...

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6th June, 2010. 3:47 pm. Testing-

App's crashing like a three-legged dog on peyote!

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28th January, 2010. 6:33 pm. Ok, did not realize how long it'd been...

since I'd posted here.

I'm much more a Twitter type- dodges the whole perfectionist "don't want to write until I really have something to say" issue. Not to say I'm utterly compulsive on Twitter; but that window is easier to notice and write to for me. Out of site, out of mind perhaps.

Spring semester's begun; 2 out of the 7 students are new- a beautiful thing for someone who’d a bit slow to learn student names. Last semester, I took iPhone snaps of them and used them to help me learn the names; it really worked well, and some of the students asked for copies.

Yes, I am procrastinating; I have to finish the application for the Housatonic Community College job, finish mapping out lab preps (when you have to grow the materials for labs, it forces one to develop some degree of planning!), prune the plant taxonomy they have to memorize for tests, and back to the Keynote slides for next week’s festivities...
I wonder if people who think teachers/professors have a slack life realize how many more hours are spent preparing for class than are spent in class!

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25th November, 2009. 8:39 pm. If you haven't seen Obama pardoning the bird yet...

The whole thing is a hoot (or gobble), but 05:47 is priceless...
Hell of a contrast to Palin and the not-at-all-pardoned turkey footage last year...

here's the link

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23rd November, 2009. 9:56 pm. Ok, last one...

yes, a little gross, but clever, too!

Here's the originating page if you want to browse- oh, you know you want to...

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23rd November, 2009. 9:45 pm. you've really overclocked too far when you need this...

this is one hot box!

Be warned, if you go browsing on this site, some of the other images can be a bit dreadful- one guy with bathing shorts and truly alarming amount of omental fat in particular...

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28th October, 2009. 11:18 pm. one last thing..

One character was just translated as saying, " Yokai, schmokai!" - anyone that can toss a little Yiddish into English subtitling is all right in my book!

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28th October, 2009. 10:55 pm. Thanks, Japanese traditions!

Watching an odd little movie called "The Great Yokai War"- it's a Japanese children's film (which is about all I can handle after a very long day) chock-full of dozens of beings from Japanese folklore (called yokai) - some are also seen in manga. I even recognized a couple, but I'm too shagged-out to try to recall their actual names. The burning wagon-wheel guy from "Hell Girl" would be an example.

Anyway- what just cracked me up was the description of a force or being called "Yomotsumono"- the rage of man-made things that have been discarded. A quick whack with the Google stick doesn't come up with anything very useful, so this may be a construct of the filmmakers.

If there had to be a demon or demonic force tailor-made for the clutterer, that would probably be it. Yes, I'm guessing it's a Shinto thing in essence- gods residing in natural (and maybe unnatural) objects- but for those of us who hate discarding things that are touchstones to memories, it's not much a stretch to imbue feelings on the object's side, too.

The quote sent me to launch Xjournal:
"Those who discard their past have no future"
Obviously that can extend beyond just objects, but it also looks like a little insight to a clutterer's soul as well.

This is what lack of sleep and way too much time teaching epigenetics and gene regulation does to me-

Current mood: tired, but bemused.

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