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Lair of the Webwyrm

22 January
Hello there-

I'm a person of varied interests and careers; currently a part-time professor (wanting to be full-time) and doing some IT work- I'm a Mac user and fan from way back, and have some webcrafting skills as well.

Single and looking- though it often appears that there aren't good prospects within my area code...

Degrees? a B.S., an M.S., and an A.B.D., all in biological sciences- an asian studies minor as an undergrad, primarily manifested these days as a anime, manga, and kaiju fan.

That's about it for the moment-
pressing on regardless,
adult swim programming, apple history, herpetoculture, i like:, including anime soundtracks, internet/ technical culture, mac gaming, macintosh computing, mixed media art, movies, nintendo ds gaming, punning to excess, reading, women's basketball